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What a bummer! You spend lots and lots of time pumping up those nipples so you can feel and look great. After just a few minutes the bigness is gone and they just don't stick out anymore. Now you can keep those pumped up and enlarged nipples Big, Long, Hard and super sensitive with our new NippleWraps. Imagine the possibilities and fun you can have while wearing these. We placed a bead at the top to not only hold the NippleWraps on but also to explore those most sensitive areas of your partner. Don't be left flat! Make a point with your nipples and enjoy the feeling of super Nipples for as long as you can. Wraps are handmade of beautiful satin elastic with lace trim that you will be proud to wear and anxious to show off. This 3/8 inch set is just right for the beginning pumper with shorter nipples. Complete instructions included in kit so you can have bigger and harder Nipples than you ever imagined. You get 1 pair of 3/8" Wraps and 2 Poppers with the heart adornme